The links golf guide according to Bob Mims Memphis

April 23, 2018 - Sports
The links golf guide according to Bob Mims Memphis

There’s a standard golf course, and then there is links golf. Suffice to say, the two vary considerably. One guideline which might work in a standard game of golf certainly isn’t going to work when you take to links, and by the end of a round most players will find that they have fired a much higher score than normal.

In a bid to arrest the problems that tend to start as soon as you take to a links golf course in your local community, we have posed some questions to Bob Mims Memphis. This is a figure who is regularly covered on the news channels in Memphis and Louisville for his insight in golf, and through the course of this page we’ll take a look at his top suggestions on how you can report the best score on a links course.

Forget the lofty chip shots

On the television, they look fantastic. As soon as you take to links golf, playing one of those aesthetically-pleasing flop shots should be the last thing on your mind though. Particularly when the wind gets going, there is simply no controlling any shot with any sort of height on it and you’ll be left wanting by the time the ball drops.

Instead, you should be turning to the classic bump and run. Put those lofted golf clubs back in the bag, and try and steal some shots by taking your lower clubs and keeping the ball on the ground. The aim here is to run the ball to the hole, where it is less likely to be affected by the gusts of wind that tend to accompany it.

Don’t be adventurous from the bunkers

On some courses, you can get away with a bad shot once you end up in a bunker. When it comes to links golf, this certainly isn’t the case.

Links bunkers are some of the toughest around. They are deep and in some cases, several times taller than the person who is stood inside them.

Ultimately, this makes them very difficult to play. Instead of trying to be creative and looking to play wonder shots, turn to safe options. Your primary aim here is to get the ball back into play, not necessarily onto the green. This might mean chipping out sideways and ultimately, taking the shot penalty that accompanies such a tactic.

Learn to punch

It’s a shot that’s not used on every golf course, but when it comes to links it will be the best thing in your bag. The punch shot is able to venture straight under the wind and ultimately, travel further. From the tee it can bounce along the fairway for extra distance, whilst nearer the green it can be used to control spin. Learn how to play it and your life on a links course will be so much easier and your scores will come tumbling down as a result of this strategy of play.

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