Jason Proch – Tips On Choosing an English Football Team

January 4, 2019 - Sports
Jason Proch – Tips On Choosing an English Football Team

I left American soil just over a year ago with my good friend Jason Proch, we both started our business in New York and after the performance failed to meet our expectations, we brought the business over to the UK where it has gone from strength to strength. Whist we both miss our US sports, especially our weekly trip to see the Knicks, we have both fallen in love with the English Premier League. Selecting a team in the league is a delicate thing and we have been schooled by our British colleagues on how best to do this. If you are from America and want to start supporting a team, here are the tips on doing so.


In the US we generally pick teams that represent where we are from, the most difficult choice for many is Nets or Knicks, Giants or Jets and choosing between other teams from the same city. Here in the UK however things don’t always work like this so try not to get hung up on location.


They do not like a glory supporter here in the UK and if you have a team picked then when someone asks you why, it had better not be ‘because they win everything’. The beauty of football here is not about simply winning trophies and championships, it is about losing and suffering, and then getting close to trophies and championships. A great example of this would be Manchester City, a team which has oil money pumped into it from the UAE and as a result are winning just about everything out there. Prior to the money injection City were in the 3rd tier of English football so those fans feel like they deserve the success that they now have, if you were to jump on the bandwagon now, it is unlikely that you will have respect as a supporter.


If you enjoy watching the football then try to pick a team that excites you, a team that lays out all of the dramatic expectations that you may have. The team which I have picked is Tottenham Hotspur, a London team which is where we are working but most importantly a team who play very exciting football, they also had Clint Dempsey, Kasey Keller and Brad Friedel here so there is a US connection. I chose this team because they play beautiful football and they have never really won anything of note. Spurs are the perfect package that is surely going to bring me the pain and suffering along with a glimpse of glory from time to time.


Because there are so many football clubs within such a small island, there are always rivalries taking place. The Yankees and Red Sox have absolutely nothing on some of these teams and the staunch hatred which they have for one another is incredible. If you know someone that supports a Premier League team, I urge you to support their opposition, it is far more fun this way!

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