Both Teams To Score In Both Halves tips and predictions

August 12, 2018 - Sports
Both Teams To Score In Both Halves tips and predictions

Rising popularity in alternative markets has seen new and interesting ways for punters to place their football bets. One of the primary markets that has spiced up betting for a lot of people is the Both Teams To Score In Both Halves market, which is similar to the traditional Both Teams To Score market, but with more goals needed and a far larger bookmaker price.

What does Both Teams To Score In Both Halves mean?

It tends to be overestimated but the Both Teams To Score In Both Halves market is pretty much self-explanatory. Rather than the rules of Both Teams To Score, where your bet is classed as a winner as long each side score at least once within ninety minutes, the Both Halves BTTS needs the same but in both halves of the match you’re betting on. This means that a scoreline of 2-2 is the bare minimum you’ll need from each game you’re backing, with each team scoring at least once in each half.

Betting on the BTTS Both Halves market

For Both Teams To Score In Both Halves tips, FootyAccumulators are a good site to visit, as they have a page dedicated to Both Halves BTTS Tips. If you’d rather make your own bets including the market, there’s ways of picking out worthwhile selections merely from looking at the odds on bookmaker websites. A strong BTTS In Both Halves tip is easy to predict, with it solely depending on football fixtures where it’s likely that both teams will score in each half.

There’s a lot of teams who score in high numbers but that aren’t completely organised when it comes to defending. These are the two attributes you need to look for in the teams you’ll be backing for Both Teams To Score In Both Halves tips. For example, teams like Napoli, Borussia Dortmund, Leeds United and Liverpool are widely known for their ability to score several goals in almost every game they play but they’re worth including as a BTTS In Both Halves selection through their frequent inability to defend.

Something that can ruin a lot of tips for this market is from people who are placing bets on games that only make sense for the Both Teams To Score market. If it’s likely both teams will score but where there’ll only be a 1-1 scoreline, it’s not worth using this market, as it’s made available for high scoring games with two teams who are equally as strong in attack.

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