Anouk Govil – Watersports To Try in Connecticut

January 4, 2019 - Travel
Anouk Govil – Watersports To Try in Connecticut

Last year I took my friend and university roommate Anouk Govil back from New York with me to my home state of Connecticut, as a New Yorker he hadn’t ventured out of the city very much so this was a great chance to show him how we live out here. When I asked Anouk about activities the first thing on his mind was waterspouts, something which we absolutely love out here on the west coast. IF you are going to go to Connecticut then these are the waterspouts which you need to try out.


Stan dup paddleboarding is such a cool way to relax on an afternoon and it is an easy going and very simple watersport. If you haven’t seen these before then it is essentially like a large surfboard which you stand on top of and then using an oar you will slowly paddle your way across the water. If you aren’t looking for anything that is too strenuous then I would recommend this as the perfect activity. In fact the best part about SUP is that you can really take in the whole of nature when you are on the board, because you will have the time that you will not have when doing other activities on the water.

Kayaking or Canoeing

The only difference between kayaking and canoeing is the vessel. A kayak is a single person vessel with a small hole in the middle for you to sit, these are generally very nimble and easy to manage across rough and choppy waters. A canoe on the other hand can either be a one person or two person canoe and these are larger, sturdier vessels which are usually made of wood, whereas the kayak is generally made of a light fiberglass material. You can take a huge array of kayaking and canoeing tours in Connecticut and I would recommend heading out to the Farmington river.


If you head out to the Housatonic River in the north west of Connecticut then you are going to be in for an absolutely thrilling time as you take to the rapids on and fly over the chopping waters. On some days the rafting here is so intense that they will only let a certain amount of boas go out and if you are up for something that is real going to get your heart racing then this is the activity for you. When you are rafting like this you must have faith in your team as they are the ones, along with you, who are going to keep this thing upright, if one person fails, the whole mission could be in crisis.

Throughout the state we have rivers, estuaries and of course the sea where you can get involved in these kinds of activities and they are one of the most popular things that people do when they come here.

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