5 Golf Tips from Bob Mims CPA that will Transform your Game

February 13, 2018 - Sports
5 Golf Tips from Bob Mims CPA that will Transform your Game

Bob Mims CPA cited that his favorite golf courses are in Louisville and his favorite time to play is in August. It’s a good foundation for your golf game to become part of a local golf community and play somewhere you enjoy. Golf is for everyone, from the CFO of a news station or an employee from the shopping center you visit often. Golf brings in a variety of different people, there is no guideline on who should or shouldn’t play this sport.

During the summer months, a lot of University students like to play golf as well. Recently some students played a prank on a clubhouse in Florida when they decided to shoplift clubs, but it was all in good fun. Thankfully no one got fired and according to the report, they only pretended to steal.

So, no matter where you work or study, it’s always good to take some tips to improve your game. If you’re looking to work on your handicap and are searching for new golf tips to drastically improve your golf game, simply continue reading to discover 5 golf tips which will transform your game!

5 Golf tips which will transform your game:

1. Perfect your swing at a driving range

If one of your goals is to be able to increase the distance of your average tee shot, it’s well worth visiting your local driving range. As the more shots you hit in a row, the quicker you’ll be able to make adjustments to your drive and the further your shots will start to go. Remember, that practice makes perfect.

Better yet, while there may not be enough daylight to play a full round of golf after work, as most driving ranges stay open late, you should be able to spend 30 minutes to an hour, working on your golf swing.

2. Consider getting professional advice

Most golf courses offer professional lessons, which may prove useful as even if you’re been playing golf for countless years, a professional may be able to give you valuable insight into how small changes to your technique, can drastically improve your handicap.

3. Try to experiment with new golf clubs

Regardless of whether you’re currently satisfied with your latest set of golf clubs, it’s well worth visiting a local golf shop as you’ll be able to try out a variety of different style golf clubs.

As an example, some golf stores even offer putting greens, which will allow you to test out a wide array of putters. Which will help you find out which style of putter is best suited to your style of play. Alternatively, some golf courses allow you to rent clubs, which will give you another opportunity to test out new clubs, which may suit your golf game.

If some of your friends play golf, it’s well worth asking a friend to borrow their clubs for a round, to see whether or not you’d be interested in purchasing similar style clubs.

4. See your errors as opportunities to learn and perfect your game, instead of becoming frustrated

As an example, instead of becoming frustrated if you hit a shot into a bunker, calm down and use the opportunity to become more adept a hitting shots out of sand traps. You may even learn how to hit the perfect recovery shot, which ends up landing right next to the hole you’re aiming for.

5. Cross-train as a way to improve your golf game

One way to improve your golf game is to cross-train in a gym, in order to increase your level of fitness. As an example, if one of your goals is to hit a more powerful drive, you may want to work on lifting medium sized weights in a gym. It’s also well worth working on your cardio and core, in order to improve on your golf game.

So if you’re serious about working on your handicap, it’s well worth taking all of the golf tips listed above to heart.

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