Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Company Car

September 24, 2015 - Cars
Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Company Car

Ensuring that your company car is well maintained all year round is essential, but it’s even more important to practice good vehicle maintenance techniques during the colder winter months. No matter how well you take care of your company car at other times of the year, it’s important that you double your efforts in winter – cold weather can take its toll on cars, meaning that your company vehicle could be prone to all sorts of problems without the right care, that could end up costing your employer, or even worse – costing you. Read on for some of our best tips on caring for your company car in cold weather.


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Essential Checks

It’s vital that these checks are made at any time of year, but during the winter you should be even more vigilant in you checking. The exterior lights should be checked regularly to ensure that they are all working – remember, driving during the daytime in winter weather often requires for the use of lights, more so than in the brighter, summer weather. Before you leave for any long journey, you should always ensure that all fluid levels are also topped up, and that you have enough fuel for the journey.

Windscreen Wipers

Winter months bring with them rain and snow, and you will find during this season that you are using the windscreen wipers on your company car more than any other time of year. For this reason, it’s even more crucial that you ensure your windscreen wipers are always in the best condition to handle the harsher weather. You should regularly check the levels of your car’s screen wash to ensure that you have enough, and make sure that the concentration is suitable for colder temperatures. Not all screen washes are the same, so for winter driving you are best with one that protects at temperatures of down to -10 degrees C. You should always use a good quality screen wash and wiper blades.

Plasti Dip

Another way to help protect your company car from harsh winter conditions is to cover it in a protective layer of Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip is a durable substance that is easily removed, and is highly resistant to cold weather and substances such as snow and salt, which you will find in abundance on winter roads. It is entirely possible to Plasti Dip your company car by yourself by following some simple instructions, or you could have the job professionally done by a mechanic. If you choose to Plasti Dip your car yourself, it’s vital that you thoroughly read the instructions beforehand and make sure that you find a suitable place to carry out the process. You can buy Plasti Dip for your car from After the winter months, Plasti Dip is designed to easily peel off – or you could leave it on for longer, to further protect your car in warmer weather.

Remember – these tips aren’t just for your company car, they will work just as well on your personal car too. Drive safely!

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