Why You Should Spend More Time At The Beauty Salon

February 13, 2018 - Beauty
Why You Should Spend More Time At The Beauty Salon

For the last 8 months I have been heading to the Sono Bello beauty clinic once per month for a series of beauty treatments and procedures. In the past, I use to go to the salon as and when I was able to but I realized that this was not really doing me any good in the long run as there would be too much time between treatments. After reading the Sono Bello reviews, and seeing how others managed their beauty process, I decided that I would have to change. I made the decision therefore, that on the first Saturday of the month, I would have a beauty day. The benefits of going to the salon each month have been numerous and I wanted to share with you why you should be spending more time at the beauty salon.

Looking Good

The main reason why we go to the beauty salon is of course, so that we look our best. In order to do this then, sporadic treatments will only help you for a very short while. Take Botox as an example, a procedure which many women will go for. I you get Botox in March, you will need have it again in September or October, to ensure that you continue looking at your best. If however you only go to the clinic once in a while, you will ultimately lose the look which you’ve paid for, and feel worse about the way you look.

Day For You

Whilst we do of course go to the salon to help us look our best, a beauty day is about far more than that, it is also about spending a day on yourself. Whatever your family or work situation may be, it is fair to say that we all need some time to ourselves and this is the perfect way to do just that. Just think about it, 5-8 hours of someone paying attention to you, pampering you and relaxing you before walking out onto the street feeling amazing. For me, this aspect is worth the cost of the treatments alone.


I absolutely love going into the salon so that I can tell the staff about all that has been going on with myself an my family, whilst finding out what is going on in the lives of others too. The social side of going to a beauty salon is massively underestimated and for me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I go each month.


You may think that going to a beauty clinic once per month could be expensive but I actually end up saving money because of the discounts and promotions which I am offered as a loyal customer. I am regularly the guinea pig at the salon when they have new treatments or procedures and I have probably saved as much as I have spent in the last 8 months.

Treat yourself a little and get to the beauty salon more regularly.

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