Why a College Experience Is So Important

February 13, 2018 - Education
Why a College Experience Is So Important

We live in a world where the necessity of a college education is considered far less than it ever has been. The reason behind this is that with the dawn of the internet, the face of education has changed entirely. There are also many people who believe that being shackled with a debt of almost $100,000 upon finishing college, is not the best way in which to start your professional life. Last year my eldest was considering his choices in terms of going to college and we were fortunate enough to be able to consult with our family friend and educational mastermind Kevin Rolle Alabama University chairman. After speaking at length, we realized just how important the college experience was for my son, and that was in the end why we opted to send him to college. If you are facing a similar dilemma, here is why I believe a college education to be so important.


Without the experience of having to fend for yourself and be independent, you could go into life with all kinds of different problems that can affect relationships, and life in general. This is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted my son to leave home and spend a few years in college, looking after himself, shopping for himself and ultimately taking responsibility for his own actions. Whilst as a parent this is difficult to see, it is absolutely necessary if you want your child better themselves.


Whilst it is true that you can find information about everything on the internet, in my view it is no substitution for a college education. In my opinion I believe that the power of the internet can be used perfectly in conjunction with a traditional education. At college there are people to consult with, people to learn from and ultimately there is a structure about what you are doing. I believe that education should still come with some discipline.

Future Opportunities

In terms of finding a job after college, your college education will have a large impact on what kind of job you will be able to get. If you don’t have a college education you will lose a job position to someone who does, and after all the whole point of educating yourself is to give yourself the best opportunity to forge a successful career. Another aspect of college which I absolutely love is that so many colleges have links to a wide variety of industries. For example there are man law firms who use recruits from the same college because of the relationship which they have with them. In terms of giving yourself, or your child, the best chance of getting a good job and a strong career, a college education, complete with all of its benefits, is the smartest decision to make.

The choice is of course up to you, but I would most definitely say that a college education is still very relevant, and very important.

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