What Not to Do When Facing Divorce

May 20, 2019 - Legal
What Not to Do When Facing Divorce

What Not to Do When Facing Divorce

Going through a divorce sucks; it’s not only hard on people’s emotions but on their finances too. Besides, the entire process tends to bring out the spouse’s bad side. In fact, some spouses go to the extent of wanting to exact revenge on another for everything that’s happening. They want the other spouse to pay for their wrongdoings, whether its adultery, emotional/physical abuse, squandering of assets or any other thing.

Irrespective of the reasons, couples going through a divorce don’t understand that they are spoiling their chances at getting the best possible outcome by trying to get revenge. If you a filing for divorce, it’s essential to show up in court with clean hands and history. With that in mind, here is what not to do when facing a divorce:

Don’t do it alone

Divorces are never easy – it’s easy to imagine that all you have to do is file a petition, go to court and have the judge rule everything based on your story. Well, that’s an ideal situation that rarely ever happens. Divorce cases are complex and require some level of experience and knowledge to navigate through everything successfully. This is especially true when you’ve been in a marriage for a long time and have amerced property with your spouse. In which case, getting divorce advice from an experienced lawyer can help point you to the right legal direction.

Hide things from your attorney

This is a widespread mistake that many litigants do, is that they hide or withhold some crucial information from their lawyers. Unfortunately, lawyers work and plan with the information provided, and any surprises can create problems later on. Things like adultery, drug use, and hidden assets can spoil your case if your lawyer isn’t prepared to deal with them. That’s why it’s vital to come clean from the onset.

Disposing asset

You shouldn’t try to dispose of any asset that you think (or know) your spouse is going to ask about – whether it is a car you bought while in marriage or their heirloom that they cherish and so on. Often, you won’t get away with this.

Deleting communication threads

If you are like many people, you likely don’t want to keep any of your spouse’s messages when you are mad. But if you are facing a divorce, deleting any abusive or crazy message from your spouse won’t help. Instead, you want to keep them and show them to your attorney – they can add value to your case.

Commenting about your spouse in front of your children

Always remember that there is life after a divorce and that your children may not share the same opinion as you in the divorce. Besides, your children are not the judge, so, you want to keep all your comments, views or excuses about the divorce to yourself. Do not drag them along.

Making unreasonable demands

There’s nothing wrong with demanding for a lot and refusing to budge, as long as you’re reasonable. Unrealistic demands may upset your spouse and the judge, which may not only extend the divorce process but also increase your legal fee and spoil your credibility before the court.

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