We Can All Learn from Savvy Holiday Makers

May 27, 2015 - Travel
We Can All Learn from Savvy Holiday Makers

We have all experienced returning from the annual holiday tired and wishing we could be transported to home in an instant, however there is always picking up the dreaded luggage; and the task of trying to identify your luggage from an endless array of black and navy bags and suitcases. There are a few who have adorned their luggage with a vibrant strap and as long as airport baggage handlers are reasonably efficient, these individuals, like an express parcel delivery service are up, out and on their way home in no time.

Businesses in an attempt to strengthen their brand can learn a lesson from these intrepid holiday makers, by creating fresh and new ideas by making their packaging stand out from the crowd and reinforcing their identity as a market leader.

Unlike brown envelopes which have a reputation of bringing possibly unwelcome bills, an express parcel delivery from a courier can indicate a business is prospering and doing well. The opportunity to announce the brand of the company from the packaging should not be missed. Parcel deliveries often spend a few minutes of their life stood on the front desk in the foyer of most businesses, whilst the receptionist calls up to the person who has ordered the goods. Imagine your parcel cleverly marked with your brand declaring to everyone in reception the quality of your brand.

So how can a business mark its packaging to strengthen core brand values and identity? The options are numerous once you let the ideas flow and a seemingly innocuous express parcel delivery becomes a subtle sales person for your business. Ideas of making your delivery stand out include using specific labelling the colour and design of boxes.

There is of course a massive challenge to those online retailers who are sending out items purchased by customers. In recent years online shopping has boomed and with so many different brands in the market, the concept of sending a generic brown box is being challenged in the battle for brand awareness. So online retailers need to think now about brand and the way in which their brand can be established at every available opportunity. One of the huge demands for most online retailers to deliver parcels quickly with online shoppers perhaps purchasing up to 50% of their purchases online, there is a real possibility that a consumer may receive half a dozen or more parcels, delivered via an express courier service a day, brand has never been so important.

Another huge consideration for the small and large businesses alike is the whole green issue. Shops are being challenged on a massive scale about how much packaging they are using and how recyclable the packaging is they are using. The carbon footprint is still a consideration for a business when delivering its goods to its customers. Many companies who have partially branded around green issues, can also look to define the packaging they use and the way they make their packaging stand out when couriering goods around the globe.

How does a strategically placed sticker label or a cleverly placed logo relate to our intrepid holiday makers and their speedy exit from their holidays? Well just like our weary travellers who are able to instantly spot their luggage and move more quickly to their goal of getting home, so our businesses become more quickly recognisable more distinct. The brand that gathers momentum is more likely to generate more business when the courier arrives and leaves the express delivery parcel at the desk in reception.

The best advice in these turbulent times is to make your parcel stand out. Whether your company ships internationally or only to the domestic market, making your box stand out will help create a better brand awareness.

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