Victoria Mondloch – A truly Inspiring Medical Professional

January 4, 2019 - Health
Victoria Mondloch – A truly Inspiring Medical Professional

When I first started studying medicine in Waukesha, Wisconsin I wanted to agin a little more experience of what life was like in hospitals and began to contact local doctors to see who would be able to spend some time with me. I was blown away when the great Victoria Mondloch replied to say that she would be happy to do this. Victoria is a fantastic doctor who specializes in female medicine, she has written for the medical journal and occupies a place on the board here at the hospital in Waukesha, Wisconsin. As you can imagine I was more than surprised that she would make time for me. During my time with Dr. Victoria Mondloch I learned just how wonderful she is in her position.

Making Time

Given her responsibilities both in the hospital and on the medical board for the state, the fact that she made time for me was incredible and a real mark of the woman. The reason why she told me that she made such time was because of my intentions to study gynecology, a branch of medicine which is particularly close to her heart.


As we spent time together around the hospital I was amazed at how approachable Victoria was and how much time she would be happy to spend with other, less experienced medical professionals in the hospital.


Whilst all doctors can be said to have a passion for what they do, I have never seen it as strongly as with the wonderful Vicoria J Mondloch, a lady who clearly wants to use her power for good and help to greatly increase the level of care that women receive in hospital. Not only is Victoria a busy doctor with hospital responsibilities, she is also a regular contributor to research into gynecological problems and much of this is done in her spare time away from the hospital.


My initial idea was that I would simply shadow the doctor in order to try and pick up as much knowledge as possible but I got much more than I bargained for. Victoria is a wonderful teacher and she has a way of explaining things which are very easy to understand. I can honestly say that I probably learned more during my three weeks with Victoria Mondloch than in the entire first year of my studies.

Patient Care

Something which is of paramount importance for hospitals in the modern age is patient care and the way in which doctors treat the patients on a personal level. Many doctors appear emotionless and whilst they do amazing things with a range of illnesses and diseases, they lack the empathy and communication skills which patients expect. In the case of Victoria however this was simply not the case and watching the way that she interacted with patients taught me a lot about how I will need to treat patients in the future.

An amazing lady and an outstanding medical professional.

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