The Best Seiko Watches For Men and Women

January 29, 2015 - Fashion
The Best Seiko Watches For Men and Women

Seiko watches are amongst the best quality watches worldwide. This is little of a surprise when one notices that the company was formed as far back as 1881. They are a company steeped in the great tradition of creating timeless timepieces, and have never traveled far from the meaning of their company name, which translated into English meaning minute and exquisite. The minute could refer to the intricate inner workings of each watch, while exquisite, of course, could quite easily refer to the aesthetic beauty of the watches. Here are two examples of watches designed by Seiko for women, and then two examples for men. They are, all four of them, deserving of all of the aforementioned praise, and deserving of the Seiko brand:

Seiko watches for women

• SXDF44P1

 This is one of the watches in this article that incorporates the most up to date fashion demands in its design. It is a current trend that a woman who chooses to have a watch with a circle face is considered very fashionable. It used to be the case that a circle face on a watch was reserved for a man, but this is no longer true. The other strikingly fashionable feature of this watch is the combination of gold and silver, which was something that was once considered a clash in colors. This watch has all of the fragility in its appearance that would appeal to a woman, while still being a resilient watch.

 • SXDF48P1

 The brown leather strap on this watch gives it a versatility that allows this watch to be a woman’s only watch, if necessary. Brown leather straps are renowned for being able to appear as appropriate at work, on the weekends, with friends and family, or at formal events like weddings. The gold framing of the circled face is a feature that elevates this watch above its competitors.

 Seiko watches for men

 • SRN039P1

 This watch is part of the premier collection by Seiko. The advertisement for this collection of watches is ‘Classic inspiration. Modern expression’. To those who wondered what a mix between classic and modern would be – two opposing forces – then this watch, and the other watches in this collection, will revel the answers.

 The stainless steel band has the resilience of classic watches with the lightweight feel and look of modern watches. The pitch black backing to the face of the watch and sapphire crystals make this watch unique. This is a very classy watch.

 • SBGHO22

 This watch is one of the leading models of the Mechanical Caliber 9S Series. This is the collection that Seiko describe as their best mechanical watch of all time, and as learned in this article, this includes a field of collections dating back over one hundred years. This watch is made from 18k rose gold, and the way in which the gold compares to the white of the watch face is very pleasing indeed. The leather band, which is dark, incidentally, rounds the watch off nicely.

 You can see and purchase the latest models of elegant Seiko watches at the website of Uniwatches (the term in Danish is elegante Seiko ure Uniwatches).

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