Some Time Management Tips for Student

April 21, 2015 - Education
Some Time Management Tips for Student

Are you amid those students who set high goals for themselves relating to the projects and assignments but flunk to accomplish them each time? Each day you schedule your daily activities but end up doing something else with heaps of files lying pending, tasks uncompleted and suffer from stress and gratuitous panic of failure. Unexecuted goals are majorly subjected to reasons like ineffective time management.

Time management is the problem associated with many students. Entering in to college ambiance for establishing their dream career, several gets drifted from their goals, or in fact drifting is not the right word, they fail to smartly manage their time.

Many students face the trauma of unbalanced time. With less in hand they have to attend lectures, assignments and other personal chores, therefore managing time effectively is the requisite to escape from the trouble.

The tussle of balancing time is not new, various researchers and experts have pooled their brilliant contemplations and practical experiences to come up with efficient and pragmatic time management tips mentioned below.

Goal of Time Management

The ultimate aim of time management is to effectively manage your activities and schedule your task so that you judiciously make use of your time.  Also it ensures a happy and contented life improving the quality of it.

Effective Tips for Time Management

No matter how well well-organized you are, there are only 24 hours at your discretion in a day to skillfully plan your activities. Therefore it is highly essential that you actually manage yourself and plan your activities accordingly.

It is usually found that students waste maximum time watching television, doing phone calls, internet and email. Most of the time is lost in interruptions, mistakes, falling behind or getting engaged in irrelevant activities and procrastinating things. Therefore time managing tips are essentially important.

Plan your each day activities: – Start up with planning your day to day activities. It will help you to keep a better control of things you are willing to do in a day. Prioritize your activities, in fact make a to-do list and keep the most important things at the top. Think well, over the activities you can take up in a day, make a practical list and don’t go on adding task, overburdening you.

Execute the task listed: – Jump right in and start implementing the things in the order they are arranged, with most important at the top. Pick up the essential assignments or projects to be submitted and the academic task to be undertaken. Also mention the time you can take to complete those tasks and see that you accomplish work within the time frame specified. Don’t fall behind on other work while doing something important, it might get procrastinated and stress you further.

Limit the Distraction around: – While you are taking up your important task on the list, make sure that you have minimal distraction possibility. This will help you to be productive and efficiently complete your work. Turn off your phone, put “don not disturb” board outside your door, close your chats and get away from all elements like tv, i-pods, or others which create noise and hamper your work productivity.

Bring in Flexibility: – With heaps of things to do, still you can’t act stubborn when emergencies arise. Allow some flexibility like if you fall sick take some rest, it is your roommate’s birthday, then relax and chill. At times it is also necessary that you make yourself available to others also. It is not always good to stay engrossed in one’s own activities.

Plan Ahead: – If you have accomplished today’s target then prepare your next day list. If you have something important coming your way after two weeks, start your planning from today.  Act accordingly and pre-schedule your activities so that your pending task and activities don’t bother you.

Establish Routines: – It is essential that you stick to the routines you established for yourself. This will help you develop habit of finishing your work on time and slowly your productivity will increase, especially in case of emergencies. Initially you will find it difficult to follow the routines but with time you will speed up and will inculcate the habit of effectively accomplishing your targets.

Make use of time management tools: – You can stay connected with time management tool around as in a calendar, planner, outlook calendar, your cell phone and laptop. Just in case you don’t miss out any task, set reminders in your tool. Also see to it that whatever task has been accomplished is of high quality. Doing things effectively remove problems as in redoing the task, stress and procrastination of other activities.

Learn to say NO: – Say no to non-essential task and see that you really don’t get engrossed in activities which you are not supposed to do. At times people will ask you for favors; analyze the list of activities you are supposed to undertake. If you already have plenty jobs to do, say a “NO”. Don’t hesitate in doing it.

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