Scott Tominaga on Why He Loves The World Of Finance

January 4, 2019 - Business
Scott Tominaga on Why He Loves The World Of Finance

Scott Tominaga has been a financial advisor for over 15 years and during that time he has worked with multinational corporations, ambitious individuals, small families and everyone in between. During a recent chat which I had with Scott we spoke about how even after 15 years in the industry he still has a huge amount of passion and love for what he does. We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what it is that he loves about the financial world, and the world of financial advice.

Ever Changing Landscape

Because of the amount of factors that can influence the financial world from wars in the Middle East to companies going bust in a small European country, it means that the landscape is always changing. Whist many individuals such as financial advisors and experienced men and women across the world of finance amy have a nose for which way markets will move or stock prices will change, nobody ever knows what is going to happen and that is something which Scott says that he enjoys the most.

Making Money

Scott tells us that ether are few things more exciting than watching someone make a large profit based on the advice that he has given. He talks at length about his early years in this business and how elated he was when he advised someone on their portfolio and they made a killing as a result. As a financial advisor Scott also tells me how much he enjoys it when people are able to fix a mess that they have found themselves in financially, especially when he speaks to the people and can see a genuinely positive change in their demeanor and their stress levels.

Brilliant People

From hedge fund managers to Fintech owners, administrative staff to other financial advisors, Scott talks glowingly about this industry and how he believes that it has some of the world’s most brilliant minds within it. He also spoke to us about how many of the men and women that he works alongside provide him with a great amount of inspiration and he learns more and more about the industry each and every day.


Scott is someone who really relishes a challenge and with so many brilliant people in this industry he is always trying to make sure that he stays at the top of his game. Beyond this there are of course financial challenges which he needs to deal with and he gave cryptocurrency as the perfect example of this. When Scott got into the financial advice game cryptocurrency didn’t really exist and since its explosion he has had to go back to school so to speak, in order to be able to fully understand this new and modern currency that has taken over the world.

The variation and the challenges of his role, plus the people that he works both with and for are the reasons why Scott adores his job, even after 15 years of doing it.

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