Sadigh Gallery: Buying Quality Art for Beginners

February 13, 2018 - Lifestyle
Sadigh Gallery: Buying Quality Art for Beginners

With so many people having extra money these days, purchasing art has become a growing past time. Artists both dead and alive or finding new and more aggressive audiences for their art and galleries in the US, Asia and Europe are all reporting brisk sales the new art lovers.

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the daily dust of life off our souls.” Purchasing art is a sign that you are interested and receptive to delve into culture and creativity. Art brings a depth and richness into our homes. It stimulates us, causes us to think, and arouses or curiosity about other people and their experiences in the past or the present.

When you decide to purchase are there’s several ways to go about it. You can;

1.  Purchase art from an art gallery or art dealer. There are galleries and art dealers like Sadigh Gallery that sell high-quality art in every city. Patrons can come in, view the art they like, and purchase on the spot. Many artists also have their own retail shops where they sell their art. Buyers can visit these places, and may even get a special deal.

2. Purchase art from an auction. There are two options in many major cities going on all the time. These auctions provide potential buyers with programs that feature the art and provide information about the artist and the paintings and sculpture themselves. Many auctions demand that you attend, and bid live for the piece of art that interests you. Depending on the artist or the piece of art you may walk away with a great price or have to pay a premium in this setting.

3.  Purchase Art Online. Online sales of Art have skyrocketed recently. Companies present hundreds of various types of art for sale and potential buyers can from their living rooms peruse the art and do the research about it and the artists. Many of these sites are extensions of reputable auction houses who use these online stores to augment their sales between auctions. And artist is given an option to accept a minimum payment price for their art ahead of the auction. If that price is met the piece of art will be sold online and not appear in the auction.

One particularly vibrant area of the art world is ancient artifacts or antiquities. These are pieces of Art from hundreds or thousands of years ago and sometimes from societies that no longer exist. There is a very large Global Market for this type of Art.

For anyone interested in purchasing art, they need to be aware that there is a lot of illegal activity going on in the art world. There are fakes, forgeries, and every week there seems to be a new arts scam. Even the most iconic art can be copied today, so anyone purchasing art needs to take precautions.

Whenever you buy art, you should only purchase from a verified dealer. Ask to see documentation regarding their licenses to sell the particular art purchasing, and all relevant paperwork relating to the art. This should include a genealogy of the art you are purchasing if that art is older. If you are buying antiquities, you need to be especially careful because they are often very difficult to verify. Only purchase from a reputable antiquities dealer who has a good reputation over a long period of time. Remember that if you were scammed it was often little recourse regarding having your money returned. So if at any time during the viewing or the purchase process you feel uncomfortable or can’t get important questions answered, you should not make the purchase.

Art is important part of life. It reflects our moods, our love, and our pain, and Chronicles our past or gives us glimpses of are potential futures. Most of all it reflects the vast array of creativity that humans have had and continue to have during our time on this planet.

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