Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews the Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Reaction Time

February 13, 2018 - Lifestyle
Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews the Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Reaction Time

Sleep deprivation is more common than people realize. It also causes a wealth of mental and physical health problems. This is why, regularly, Nectar Sleep Mattress reviews just what the impact of sleep deprivation is, and what they can do to improve the lives of people who suffer from it. They have now found that there is a strong link between poor quality sleep and an individual’s average reaction time.

Nectar Sleep Reviews the Impact of Poor Sleep Quality and Amount

There have now been numerous studies that have proven that people who do not sleep enough, or whose sleep quality is poor, have worse reaction time. So much so, in fact, that their reaction time is comparable to someone who has had too much to drink. There have been a number of tests that have shown that alcohol consumption has a smaller impact on reaction time than what poor quality sleep does! Yet there are no rules and regulations in terms of how alert someone has to be when behind the wheel, mainly because that would be impossible to enforce.

Of course, this isn’t about enforcement. This is about the fact that good drivers are committed to be safe drivers. Yet, we all also live busy lives and being behind the wheel is absolutely vital to our work and social life. In reality, however, not getting enough sleep means that you not only risk your own life, you also place that of your passengers in danger, as well as that of anyone else who happens to be on the road. No busy lifestyle is worth that kind of danger.

Thankfully, organizations like Nectar Sleep Mattress are making a public stand, trying to raise awareness of just how dangerous it is to drive when tired or even just drowsy. Thanks to their work, it has now become possible for people who cause accidents because they were falling asleep behind the wheel, or who were otherwise found to be too tired to drive, to be prosecuted for their driving mistakes.

The reality is that we all have to take responsibility for being safe on the roads and keeping others safe. Hence, if you feel you might be tired, or have had a poor night sleep, then you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. If you are already driving, then you should immediately pull over and get some sleep. If need be, you can sleep in a layover, or you can ask your passenger to take over the wheel and drive for you. Do not, under any circumstances, continue to drive. Tiredness kills.

You also need to ask yourself why you are so tired, however. Perhaps your lifestyle is simply too busy for you to keep up with. Or maybe you have a poor quality mattress. There may be a wealth of easy to resolve reason why you often feel tired, and you should take the time to review those and to make changes.

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