My Wonderful Experience With Boston’s Integrity Heating and Cooling

January 4, 2019 - Home & Housing
My Wonderful Experience With Boston’s Integrity Heating and Cooling

I must confess that I very rarely write online reviews and when I do they are usually because I have a complaint or a gripe about a particular company. Today however all of that will change because I want to write a positive review about a local company here in Boston,MA and recommend them to anyone living in the Boston area. The company is called Integrity Heating and Cooling and as far as I am concerned, they are the best in the business. I used to work with air conditioning units and heating furnaces and I can attest to just how good these guys are.


This originally started last year during winter when my furnace stopped working, I had a look myself and couldn’t get it up and running again and so I contacted the team at Integrity. As you well know last year was a cold one here in Boston so I had a real need to get things fixed. The only way that I can describe the way that the team treated me, from the receptionist to the guys who came out and fitted the furnace, was as though it was their elderly grandmother who was freezing in the Boston winter. The team were extremely fast, concerned and genuinely cared about warming my home up again.


I am very skeptical at prices that I see online and I am always convinced that they have some hidden charge or that they are actually selling sub-standard products. Naturally therefore when I saw just how cheap the furnaces were on the Integrity website I wasn’t truly convinced, but given my urgency I gave it a go, mainly because they said they’d pay $500 if you could find it cheaper. As it happened the price was indeed right and I have not seen another company in Boston even come close to the prices that Integrity charge, either for the products or the labor.


I may not have been able to fix my furnace but I do know a great quality product when I see one, and the furnace which they installed last year is of the very highest quality, making the price even better.

After Care

Prior to this winter I once again planned to carry out my annual checks on the furnace, when I received a call from Integrity about making an appointment for their annual check up. The very next day 2 ladies from the company came out and completed a fully comprehensive check on the furnace, saving me a job and impressing me even more at how attentive the company is.Many companies would prefer to take your money and then forget about you but this is far from the truth in the case of Integrity, who’s name really says it all.

If you are living in Boston, MA and you need any AC or heating services, give these guys a call.

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