Liverpool 4- 3 Leeds – One Of The Best Opening Games Of The Premier League Season

September 16, 2020 - Sports
Liverpool 4- 3 Leeds – One Of The Best Opening Games Of The Premier League Season

The opening game of the season started with a bang for the Premier League champions Liverpool and the newly promoted, awaken giant Leeds United at Anfield with a 7-goal thriller to kick off their seasons. We digest the talking points from the game for both sides today and how their seasons can unfold during the course of the season.

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One this is for sure after this game, is that it confirms the important of Mo Salah to this Liverpool side with him being the first Liverpool player to score a hattrick on the opening day since John Aldridge against Charlton in 88/89. Although Salah had scored two hattricks in this game, he was a menace down his favoured right win all game, causing havoc, coming inside outside and just being a total nuisance for the newly promoted Leeds – hardly a nice and easy start having to mark Mo Salah who has played 121 games, 75 goals and 29 assists in his Premier League career.

Although, Leeds shouldn’t be disheartened with their performance, in fact to score 3 goals away from home against the Champions in your first game in the Premier League for 16 years is quite an impressive feat if you ask us. They played with such fluidity and looked seriously dangerous on the counterattack in a game that they looked comfortable in.

We mainly put this down to the play from England new boy Kalvin Phillips who impressed on his debut in the Prem who earned plenty of plaudits for his display, especially from Micah Richard’s on Match of the Day who went on to say, “Oh, what a Premier League debut. Brilliant. He picks up some great positions. He has a lot of time and space, almost like a quarterback, I was so intrigued to watch him in these positions to see if he could do it in the Premier League. A lot of the positions he picks up, it looked as though Liverpool didn’t know what to do with him!”

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