Important Urban Design Trends You Have To Know

August 13, 2019 - Home & Housing
Important Urban Design Trends You Have To Know

Urban design is paramount in creating connected and engaged cities. This helps us to share experiences and facilitate human interaction. Various urban design trends exist right now and they are pushing the way in which we see cities, especially those that are large. The best urban design firms work hard to create spaces that people love. This is not as easy as many believe.

While there are countless trends that can be mentioned, the following are definitely the ones that have to be remembered at all costs. These have the biggest impact on urban design right now.

Going Green

Nature is really good for our overall health and well-being. Countless studies showed us that the spaces that embrace biophilic design and greenery improve brain function.

Nowadays, creating landscapes and even redesigning large urban areas to add greenery is a very common. It all started with large corporations that added more greenery to their offices and continued with municipalities investing in various areas that are meant to offer a peaceful nature retreat to all people that want them.


Home ownership dreams led people towards wanting to own suburban properties. This has happened a lot during the second part of the twentieth century. Now, things are changing as we are moving towards smaller scale policy interventions. The purpose was to repopulate middle- and inner-urban areas.

Examples of regulatory measures include zoning changes, infill development, smaller block sizes and subdivisions. All of these try to repopulate some urban areas.


Most people already figured out the fact that digitalization is taking over the world but they do not know the fact that this is actually an urban design trend. Innovation is always important when referring to anything related to technology. As more technology is added to urban living, it is normal to see more and more technology taking over everything.

A huge innovation driver in digitalization is sustainability and energy with the use of β€œIoT” intelligent monitoring building resource consumption. This reduces costs of energy and boosts efficiency.

There is an increase in the number of digital technologies that are integrated right into urban design. This includes some basic elements like an LCD screen and embedded technology that makes smart buildings or computer automation a treat to watch.

Urban connectivity is more important than ever in modern urban design. Digital connections help tie up social services, public spaces, health spaces and public transport.

Retail Reinvention

The retail industry is reinventing itself over and over again. This is quite obvious in urban design as the retail industry is working hard to get clients. Everything is connected to omnichannel retailing, which is a multichannel approach that leads to increased sales thanks to the creation of a truly cohesive user experience. This trend will keep going, no matter what.

Future Proofing

The last thing to remember is that urban design is all about preparing for the future. All the trends that appear are connected to a desire to make the future a reality. There is an increase in the demand for different types of apartments. This is always taken into account as what people need is always more important.

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