How to get your Real Estate License

April 19, 2019 - Home & Housing
How to get your Real Estate License

Anyone who engages in real estate business as an agent for another should first acquire a real estate license in the state in which they intend to operate. For the sole purpose of protecting the property buyers and sellers, every estate has unique rules, regulations and a comprehensive examination for acquiring the right license. Therefore, you should use a good real estate prep guide to ensure that you have passed your exam. Remember, this is an important step in your quest to acquire a real estate license.

Many states provide two types of licenses: broker and sales (or salesperson) licenses. Generally, real estate salespersons and associate brokers or provisional brokers may work under the umbrella or for a designated real estate broker. Note that some states have a ‘broker only’ real estate licensing system. That means a broker is the only basic type of real estate license. However, the license is offered at varying levels.

Most real estate salespersons licensees opt to complete the right coursework and examinations to become professional brokers. Remember, this offers more flexibility and unique career opportunities for most people. If you are planning to acquire a real estate license, it’s crucial that you review all the requirements set by your state authorities. This is because there is ‘national’ real estate license. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you acquire a real estate license.

Understand the state requirements

For you to become a licensed real estate broker, you must meet the unique requirements set by your state. Every state has specific requirements regarding the following;

You can find more details about these issues on the official website of your state’s real estate regulation office.

Attend estate classes

Each state requires everyone trying to get a real estate license to take a pre-licensing course. You should also demonstrate that you have successfully completed the right course within the set minimum number of hours prior to your registration to take a license test.

Note that every class is accompanied by workbooks, textbooks or even online learning materials to help you prepare adequately for the test. It is essential to undertake a test that fulfills your specific state’s education requirements. After all, there is no ‘national’ real estate license or course.

The real estate license examination

Typically, real estate tests are conducted on computers. They consist of two sections: the national section that covers all real estate practices and principles, and the state-specific section. The later tests your understanding of your state’s specific real estate law. Note that every section is scored separately and you must receive a passing grade on both sections. Remember, this grade is determined by the state.

Acquiring a real estate license is a commitment of money and time. However, it can help you secure a rewarding job.

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