How to Get Some Inspiration For Home Design

February 13, 2018 - Home & Housing
How to Get Some Inspiration For Home Design

I bought my very first house just over 3 years ago, it wasn’t much to look at but it was my own, and I couldn’t wait to move in. The house was pretty dilapidated inside, absolutely livable, but it looked like something from the set of Dad’s Army. I decided that given the fact that all the money that I had in the world had been spent the home buy itself, that I would wait some time before taking the plunge and re-decorating. I also decided that instead of doing this piece by piece, I would instead save up as much money as humanly possible, in order to do it all in one fell swoop.

I waited 2 years and saved like crazy before finally making the decision to get started, the only problem? I had no idea how to design a house. In the following months I went on a mission to get as much inspiration as possible on home design, and here is where eI found it.

Online Stores

Don’t ask me how or why, but I was watching an interview with Restoration Hardware CEO Gary Friedman on YouTube, and out of curiosity I guess, decided that I would go to the website afterwards. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford the stuff from that website, but I suddenly realized that I could most definitely sue them, and others like them, to give me inspiration for my redesign. For the next week I studied hardware store’s websites, to spot style trends, color schemes and patterns which I could use in my home.


I am absolutely adore Pinterest and whilst some of the home design ideas on there are either wacky or completely out of my price range, you can often find some golden nuggets on the site. Each day people share their wonderfully designed homes and spaces, they share tips on how to give your home budget makeovers and many will even sell some of the goods which they are promoting. If you are looking for some exciting and inspirational items to design your home with, look no further than social media site Pinterest, and absolute gold mine of ideas.

Home of Friend’s and Family

A lot of my friends and family members have got some really nice designs in their homes, and if yours do too, it is time to start borrowing some of those ideas. Of course you cannot rip off their ideas wholesale, but you can most definitely take inspiration from the color schemes which they are using and the way in which they have the layout of their home. In fact, one of my bathrooms in the home now resembles a mixture of my Uncle’s bathroom, and that of my best friend’s sister, they may not know about this collaboration, but I took inspiration from them both. Keep an eye out for cool home style ideas, and then go on and borrow their ideas.

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