Here’s Why You Might Want To Visit Palm Springs

August 13, 2018 - Travel
Here’s Why You Might Want To Visit Palm Springs

Palm Springs used to be where movie stars went to relax but nowadays, it is a really laidback destination for all people that want to enjoy a desert getaway that is really posh. The focus in the area is design and art is appealing and you are surely going to love the blend of sophistication and nature, all with some kitsch involved.

If you want to visit Palm Springs you should know that there are many different things you can expect to see. Many reasons can be said about why you need to visit Palm Springs, ranging from the locals to the incredible Palm Springs vacation rentals, but those that we highlight below are usually not mentioned.

The Mid-Century Modern Style

Thanks to the success of Mad Men we did see an increase in popularity resurgence for the mid-century modern design. Locals in Palm Springs love it. We are talking about a city that is practically filled of commercial buildings and mid-century homes being designed by architects that are renowned around the world, including John Lautner, Donald Wexler and Richard Neutra.

Guided tours can be started or you can pick up tour maps from the Visitor Center so that you can explore alone. Make sure that you think about shopping for some home décor and period furniture. If you are in for a really full experience, Modernism Week is a great time to visit.

Pool Parties

Summers can be really hot so you will surely enjoy a swim at a pool. Numerous hotels in Palm Springs offer day passes so you can use facilities. Hotel guests do get free access, of course. Some of the options that are highly recommended are Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, The Saguaro or Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

Youthful crowds absolutely love the vivacious atmosphere and the DJs. If you want something that is more relaxing, consider Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel. The day pass is under $8 during weekends, with admission included at multiple pools, showers and saunas. You might also want to consider Palm Springs Swim Center if you travel with your family.

The Food

The culinary scene is simply wonderful in Palm Springs, with many different options offered by really creative chefs. You can easily enjoy Greek dishes, Austrian cuisine, the classic American steakhouse and then go for something that is really special, with truly upscale modern cuisine offered by destinations like SO.PA and Workshop Kitchen. If your budget is a little limited, you do want to visit during the Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week. This is where many restaurants celebrate food and offer multi-course meals at prices that are way lower than they usually are.

The Living Desert

If you love animals, you want to visit The Living Desert. This is basically a non-profit zoo that puts a strong emphasis on the conservation of the desert. Giraffes can be seen freely roaming together with ostriches in habitats that are quite scenic. Then, it is easy to see lizards that are racing and other creatures like snakes, cheetahs, hedgehogs, fennec foxes and camels. Petting zoos give you the chance to meet cute goats and different educational opportunities are present at all times of the day. Shuttle tours and self-guided tours are now available, with a gift shop and a great restaurant being present.

The Cocktails

If you love tiki, you will simply love Palm Springs. Polynesian cocktails and the mid-century style do perfectly go hand in hand. Make sure that you visit Tonga Hut, which is serving food. Bootlegger Tiki is another great spot, located behind the Ernest Coffee Co, with a really extensive menu of wonderful tiki concoctions presented in a red-lit, intimate space.

When looking for a much broader menu, you want to visit Truss & Twine. The cocktails there are highly balanced. Make sure that you consider Game Changer. This is a cocktail that is really refreshing and some craft cocktails can be enjoyed at Seymour’s, if you are looking for something smaller.

Unique Hotels

There are many traditional hotels that can be considered but Palm Springs is also the home of some really cool boutique hotels, some of the very best in the state. For instance, you can consider staying at Saguaro. It is affordable and offers some great pool parties. Then, look at Korakia, a hotel that is Moroccan-inspired. Just make sure you book ahead since it only has 29 rooms available. If you are a guest you can enjoy outdoor massages, drink some authentic Moroccan tea and partake in Moroccan culture.

Other unique options you can consider include The Willows, a completely restored historic home and Sparrows Lodge, which is a rustic-chic, charming property that only welcomes adults.


Last but not least, those that visit Palm Springs might want to consider doing some hiking. There are many breathtaking hikes that are available, especially for when you visit during the winter, when average temperature during the day is around 18 degrees Celsius.

Consider visiting the Palm Springs Indian Canyons, a highly popular hiking area because of the terrain and the beauty. Palm Canyon features many native plants you want to take pictures of. Look at what the Trading Post has to offer as you will surely love Native American artifacts there. Another canyon that is beautiful is Tahquitz, with a waterfall that is 60 feet high. If you do want to visit it, be sure that you take your camera with you. It is a certainty you will want to take many pictures.

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