Haris Ahmed Looks at Chicago’s Most Popular Neighborhoods

February 13, 2018 - Home & Housing
Haris Ahmed Looks at Chicago’s Most Popular Neighborhoods

Chicago is this country’s third largest city. It has an amazing reputation in terms of housing, entertainment, business, and employment. Millions of people, like Haris Ahmed, have made this city their home, and millions more would like to live on the block of Removille or any other part of Chicago. The result is that there is always demand for real estate, from condos to mansions and from studios to family homes. Thankfully, by getting to know Chicago, you may soon find yourself part of the block of your dreams yourself.

Haris Ahmed on the Chicago Neighborhoods

It is important to get to know a city’s real estate market before deciding to make a purchase. The city is divided into four different sections, as shown below. You must be charged with looking into each of those neighborhoods yourself, so that you can figure out where you are most likely to feel at home.

  1. Central Chicago

The center of the city is its historic downtown. Any people refer to it as “The Loop”. Here, real estate is scare and what is available includes studios, apartments, and penthouses. Most people who live here have paid millions for their homes, unless they were lucky enough to inherit them. This is common in all major cities, however, where downtown areas are almost unaffordable. To the east of the Loop, you will find Lake Michigan and, to the west of the Loop, the Chicago River. If you have the money to purchase here, then you will love your new home.

  1. North Chicago

The north of the city is also a very popular area. Over the past few years, homes have been selling here at very quick rates. In fact, even during the housing crisis, sales continue to rise. One of the reasons for this is that this is such a family orientated area. It is home to public beaches and parks, providing entertainment for the young and the old and for men and women alike. Some of the blocks here include Gold Coast, Old Town, Lincoln Park, and Lake View. Prices are quite high here, but more affordable than the Loop.

  1. West Chicago

The west of the city is the most ethnically diverse. This is where you will find Wicker Park, Lawndale, Austin, and Garfield Park. Over the past few years, there has unfortunately been an increase in crime rates in this part of the city. This is why it is particularly important that you do your research before deciding to buy here.

  1. South Chicago

Last but not least, there is the south. This has a poor reputation, with high crime rates and levels of poverty. However, the south also covers around 60% of the city as a whole, so you can find good spots. It is home to Jackson Park and Washington Park as well.

Regardless of where in Chicago you decide to live, you will find it surprisingly easy to get to different destinations. That is because the public transportation system here is very good.

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