Anju Vallabhaneni talks about how to get a career in software development without a degree

February 13, 2018 - Tech
Anju Vallabhaneni talks about how to get a career in software development without a degree

To say that we are in the age of the university degree would be a gross understatement. If we were to cast the clock back a couple of decades, a lot of job positions were being filled by people who were so-called “unqualified”, just because they weren’t applying for a role armed with a university qualification.

Now, it’s very rare to find any job of significant status being made available without a degree. When it comes to the technology industry, this is seemingly even more the case, although there might be hope when it comes to the field of software development according to Anju Vallabhaneni.

He is an individual who has immense presence in this field, and knows what goes through the mind of employers who are looking to hire. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key things you should do if you are looking to get a career in software development without a degree.

Become involved in communities

One of the benefits of a degree is the contacts that you make. Whether it’s fellow students, teachers or even companies that you might stumble across during your studies, it all helps. Particularly within software development, where some problems can seem almost impossible to solve, this is crucial to get an extra pair of eyes on an issue.

As such, you need to try your upmost to become involved in communities. We’re now in an era where these communities can be of either the real or virtual variety, although the former obviously has a few more benefits. By participating in these, you will be surrounded with others with a similar interest, and you’ll find out which skills are in demand, how to solve common problems and just liaise with others in your next potential industry.

Get your foot in the door with freelancing

Software development is one of those big fields where freelancing is very common. Whether it’s working for individuals who are looking to develop their startup, or filling in for the big companies who need extra numbers on their team, this is something that can provide you with that elusive experience.

Fortunately, the freelance market is ever-growing. With so many people involved in it, it can be difficult to get going, but make it your priority as it not only provides you with income, but also valuable portfolio experience.

Don’t just focus on the languages

One of the big mistakes that rookie software developers make is just focusing on a language. Sure, this is fine in itself, but you need to know more about this. You need to know about version control, frameworks and unit testing to name a few, just to be even thought about by any company who is hiring.

If you don’t have knowledge of this, you will already be behind in the eyes of the company. You won’t be able to launch and test projects and suffice to say, this is a big downside when you enter the real world of work.

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