Andrew Curran – The Great Benefits of Having a Debate

January 4, 2019 - Lifestyle
Andrew Curran – The Great Benefits of Having a Debate

We all have conversations about important topics, or at least many of us do, but how often have you actually set up a debate with someone? My roomie Andrew Curran is someone that I have debated with since our days in Hartford University and even beyond that when we began living in our apartment here in New Haven, it was something which we continued each Wednesday night. This all began with our professor at university who would regularly get us to debate lawsuits and then like. After college it was really my buddy Andrew who wanted to push for more debates and they have been going on ever since. If you don’t already do it, here are some benefits you will find from debating more.

Learning to Win and Lose

A debate is of course about trying to be the person who will end up making the best points, but the winner is not always the person that is right. What debating can do for you then is to teach you how to win and lose with grace, without retaliation or complaint. Unlike most competitions losing a debate is about learning rather than losing and this is a great benefit that you can count on.

Seeing All Sides

When the debate topics come out of the hat Andrew will always try to argue on the side to which he is opposed. The reason why he does this is so that he can open his mind up to new possibilities and also so that he can use the arguments against his position, in order to come up with better defense and arguments against the position that he disagrees with. This is a novel way of looking at a debate and in doing so you can benefit because you will be far more able to see all sides of a conversation and an argument.


Debating will do more for your confidence levels that just about any other task or activity, even more so if you are debating in front of others. When you make a point you are essentially opening yourself up to attack which can be a very scary position to be in as you don’t know what that attack may be. To minimize your risk of attack you will begin to learn and prepare more, so that you will be the victor and in doing so you can breed huge amounts of confidence that you maybe didn’t know that you had. Andrew is the perfect example of this, when I met him at university I can remember that he didn’t even like speaking on the phone and so we would often get an email or an instant message from him, rather than a phone call. Over the years, and in part because of his love of debate, he has really come out of his shell and now he is one of the most confident people that I know.

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