5 Reasons Renting An RV Is The Best Way To Road Trip

August 15, 2018 - Travel
5  Reasons  Renting An RV Is The Best Way To Road Trip

If you are thinking of embarking on a road trip, then your method of obtaining an RV is going to be a major point of consideration. Some travelers prefer to purchase an RV, but the majority of travelers, especially those just starting out on their road adventures, prefer RV rentals as their main mode of travel. Renting an RV comes with a wide range of flexibility which makes them perfect for everything from short trips to long journeys. The benefits of traveling by rental are many, and after reading through them you will certainly be encouraged to pursue this option for your next journey no matter which type of journey you plan on embarking on.

There are many benefits to renting an RV, making them a top choice for travelers.

Maximum Flexibility

One of the many great things about renting an RV is that you can plan ahead to make sure your rental is secured at an agency along your route, which will allow for a smooth beginning to your journey. You can also schedule the drop off for an area where you will be traveling toward the end of your trip, which will make the close of your travels easy as well. Keep in mind that you can also schedule to drop off the RV at the same location, then schedule in the extra driving time to make sure you have it covered. Plus, once you drop off the RV you won’t have to worry about a lot of the things that RV owners have to contend with, including storage and maintenance. It is this flexibility that makes renting a great option.

Lower Price

Purchasing an RV is expensive and includes a number of up-front costs that will definitely affect your bank account. Renting, on the other hand, can be done for much cheaper and will only include the rental fee plus any overheads for the dealer. Renting will only cost a small fraction of what you would put out for a down payment on an RV, so budget conscious travelers have been using rentals for decades in order to save on costs. If you don’t want to have to dish out a lot of money up front, then a rental model is definitely the way to go.

Different Models

When you own an RV, you are stuck with the model you purchased for as long as you have the vehicle. With RV rentals you can switch up models and brands depending on the type of trip you will be embarking on. For example, if you are going on a desert journey on one trip you can research models that are better suited for this type of travel, then switch it up for your next journey with an RV that will better handle mountain travel. When you rent an RV you can experiment and switch it up each time, which will help you discover the models you enjoy for their handling and types of terrain they perform best in. This is one of the most important benefits of a rental, being able to switch up models to best match your planned journey and as per your preferences.

Less Commitment

Let’s face it, not everyone who starts taking road trips is going to stick with the hobby. Perhaps due to life circumstances the road life will not be for you. In this case, it will be better if you have been renting your RVs as you travel since you won’t have to go through the process of selling an RV and taking any losses that sometimes come with this process. Putting down money on an RV purchase is a major commitment and investment. Not only will you be parting with a significant amount of cash in payments but you will also have to deal with the storage and maintenance of the RV over time. This includes the general upkeep, maintenance and repairs, and keeping the vehicle in storage when not in use. If you should decide not to continue road tripping, this will all be wasted time. With an RV rental, however, you will never have to worry about any of these issues.

RV rentals have been a top choice for travelers for many decades due to their maximum flexibility, their ease and lack of maintenance, and their cost saving aspects. When you rent an RV you get all the features you would have if you owned it, only you get to leave it the dealer when you’re done and sidestep the payments, maintenance, and other hassles that come with ownership. Next time you’re considering a road journey, make sure to look into the rental market. Chances are you will like what you see and find this method much easier.


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