4 Things You Must Not Do When Talking To A DUI Lawyer

July 22, 2019 - Legal
4 Things You Must Not Do When Talking To A DUI Lawyer

4 Things You Must Not Do When Talking To A DUI Lawyer

If you are a victim or a perpetrator of an accident involving driving under the influence (DUI), then you are likely going to seek the services of a lawyer. Getting a good lawyer is just the first step in putting the legal battle(s) behind you, well if things take that turn.

The aftermath of an accident will often cause a lot of psychological trauma, this coupled with several other factors can result in your case failing. It is, therefore, essential to get everything right during the whole process. Driving under the influence or DUI lawyers, are specially trained to help you get justice.

One lawyer who is a part of NJ DUI lawyers lets you in on some of the things you must not do when talking to a DUI lawyer.

1. Don’t be dishonest

When it gets to the point of looking for a lawyer, being dishonest will only jeopardize your case in several ways, the consequences include your case being dismissed or taking a longer time than expected. This can also have adverse effects on your attorney’s career. Justice will not be served or realized in or out of court when the case is based on lies rather than facts.

The right thing to do is to furnish your lawyer with all the truth and information that they will need to stage a strong case on your behalf. It is also worth noting that you are covered by client-lawyer confidentiality.

2. Don’t be uncooperative

Uncooperativeness when talking your lawyer will only make your case difficult being heard or understood let alone winning it. This is caused by either your stubbornness or as a result of you suffering psychological stress after the aftermath of the accident or using the drugs.

It is, therefore, very important to seek psychological counselling to help alleviate the psychological effects of the accident. Being at your right state of mind will play a key role in helping you cooperate with your lawyer who will be essential in staging a strong case.

3. Don’t give inconsistent information

On the scene and after the accident, you are likely to meet several people, these include your insurer, the police, doctors and other interested parties before meeting your lawyer. All these people might require the same information, and it is therefore very important to maintain consistency when giving information.

Giving your attorney inconsistent information from what you give your insurer or the police will lead to your case, hitting a snag or wasting a lot of time. It is also very important to furnish your lawyer will all developing information.

4. Don’t waste time

In the process of your case, well, if you are not already behind bars it is important to make sure that you are always on time to your appointments with your lawyer. This can play a key role in sharing all the developments associated with the case.

This also builds your confidence when in court or when attending out of court negotiations.

At this point, your lawyer is your friend and your best bet in getting justice. It is therefore very important in making sure that you don’t make the above mistakes

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