2018’s Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

April 23, 2018 - Beauty
2018’s Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

There’s a new and upcoming age of cosmetic surgery. There is a new set of statistics that show the top 4 cosmetic surgeries of 2018. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming less taboo within society, once frowned upon they’re becoming trendier. Some studies have shown a 55 percent increase. The “selfie era” has a lot to do with this everyone wants to look their absolute best. We live in a time when your appearance is more important than ever. Everyone wants to look good for the camera, lets face it they’re everywhere. Social media has helped with this a lot also because everyone has to share their life with not only their friends but the world.

Fill it up!

Say hello to fillers, fillers are used for a lot of things. Cheeks, lips, wrinkles, and eyes, which isn’t really surprising. Eye fillers have always been around, but their popularity has become increasing over the last few years. More people are coming into the surgeon’s office to brighten their eyes. I mean why not? The eyes are the window to the soul.

Laser Boobs!

Breast augmentations have always been a very popular surgery within the cosmetic industry. As of recently though there’s a new sheriff in town. “The Laser Bra Lift” this is the total opposite of what we’re used to. Breaking the boob cliché. “The Laser Bra Lift” is a non – invasive breast reduction surgery, out with the bold, in with the new. People are seemingly more interested in having smaller boobs lately.

Your Lady Bits Customized

This is probably the more shocking surgery in the industry right now. Not to say it wasn’t popular before, but now it’s taking off more then previous years. This surgery is like others it’s the reconstruction of your labia – which is known in the industry as Labiaplasty. It’s done mostly for comfort reasons but there are so aesthetic reasons in there as well (of course). It’s probably not the surgery you’ll go around boasting about, but it’ll certainly give you a hidden confidence!


Of course, last but not least our staple Botox. I mean really, can we expect Botox to go somewhere anytime soon? Certainly not! Out of all the surgeries, Botox will troop on with the best of them. Considering Botox can be used for a wide range of things and believe it or not medical reasons. Botox can be used for, eye/brow twitches, excessive sweat problems and other not so cosmetic things. Anyways, carrying on. There’s big things happening with Botox as of 2018 and we’re here for it!

If you’re interested in checking out more information about cosmetic surgery check out There are before and after pictures of surgeries and details on specific surgeries!

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